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Braid Styles We Revived in 2018

Braid Styles We Revived in 2018

Image result for fulani braidsThe Rebirth of “Fulani”

When it comes to clothing and hairstyles, America is notorious for recycling old favorites every couple of decades. So when ladies started taking to social media at the beginning of Summer 18’ sporting old-school layer braids adorned with beautiful accessories we were here for it! The intricate and versatile styling of “Fulani” braids, better known as tribal braids, has seen a huge surge in popularity among all age groups.

Even celebrities were excited to delve into the hype! Serving us 2002 Alicia Keys, Kim Kardashian sported her tribal look to MTV’s 2018 TV and Movie Awards show. Typically those who elect to get tribal braids also opt to have beautiful decorative wires, shells, or pieces of jewelry placed throughout the style. A true homage to the style’s namesake, The Fulani Tribe of West Africa.

With so many variations of the style available, it’s hard not to get them over and over again! Creating a smooth transition from the workplace to nightlife fun, tribal braids can be dressed up or dressed down. Usually, shells and jewelry can be purchased at your local beauty supply store, as most braid shops do not provide them. However, some salons may give you the option to add it to your service.

Get the look!

It is always encouraged to ask your stylist about their particular process and technique. For any concerns about the length of time to install, type of products used during service,  or type of hair used for installation inquire BEFORE booking your appointment.

Crochet: Pre-twisted hair heaven

Image result for crochet braidsWe were introduced to crochet braids around the 70s. They were ragingly popular in the 90s and died down in the early 2000s. Now they are back and more convenient than ever! Pre-looped and pre-twisted hair! Designed to take 6-8hr single braid styles and condense them into a two-hour work of perfection. The current popular styles include faux locs, Senegalese twists, havana twists, and various other patterns in all colors and lengths. 

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