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Hair and the Holidays: How to stay cute and curly when it’s cold!

Kansas City Cold Weather Hair Care

kansas city winter hair careThe close of the year brings about some of the most celebrated and anticipated holidays. It also brings cold, dry, and less than glamorous weather. Cold weather hair care to some means hats of all materials, which can also be drying to the hair. Wintertime is notoriously naughty when it comes to those with curly tresses, but today we are going to give you three easy tips on how to beat winter and maintain moisture.

Steam and Seal

You can get your hair steamed professionally by your stylist or in the comfort of your own home! Wash your hair, as usual, add conditioner, and allow the steam from a hot shower to fill the room. Light massage of the scalp can aid in stimulating your roots. There are also hooded steamers similar to professional use ones that you can order for use in your home. After cleansing, steaming, and rinsing, seal in the moisture with the oil of your choice.

Nourish from the inside-out

What you put inside your body is equally, if not more important, than the products you use on your hair. Moisture starts with hydration, so upping your water intake during those colder months is doing your hair and skin a huge favor! Making sure you have a balanced diet containing fruits and vegetables is the basis of nourishing your hair. Utilizing vitamins and supplements to ensure you have the proper daily intake provides your hair with protection inside and out.

Protective Styling is still your friend!

Protective styles, as the name suggests, are an effective way of protecting your natural curl from the outside forces. Although in the wintertime, it may help to wear your protective styles for less time than you would in warmer months, to do maintenance and ensure the hair stays moisturized and clear of debris.  Choosing options like braids or sew-ins with no leave out will provide coverage from root to tip.

Ask a professional!

Ask your beautician about the products recommended to care for your hair in the winter months! Click here to see what services we offer that would assist you in your wintertime maintenance routine.

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