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The Braiding Workshop

Kansas City Braiding Workshop

Ever wanted to execute flawless protective styles at homes like the ladies on the DIY videos? Do you have a little one at home and want to avoid the expense or hours in a chair every month? We offer the only Kansas City Braiding Workshop that gives some of our own stylist education to our clients!  Hair Guru’s own Esha McConnell will be regularly hosting an “Intro to Braiding and Twisting” class. Providing you with the essentials to protective styling, the following topics will be covered:

  • Basic Braids and Twisting
  • The How, Where, and Why to creating the perfect part.
  • Creating a solid foundation for crochets and sew-ins
  • How your braid pattern affects the final product
  • *Tension: what is it and how do we avoid it?
  • *Sectioning hair for styling
  • *How to add extensions for length

Light refreshments, braiding hair, and clips for sectioning will be provided.  If preferred, you may bring your own mannequin head and tripod, as a live model will be used during the class. Click the link below to see upcoming class dates and to reserve your ticket now. We hope to see you there!