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Extension Services

Kansas City Hair Extension Services

Basic Sew In

Basic Sew in is a protective Hair service. Extensions are sewn onto a sturdy foundation that is braided into a specific pattern. depending on the type of style you are wanting to sew in type may vary. Minimal to no hair can be left out & can be worn down with soft curls, Body wave, curly or straight hairstyle.
2 hours

Versatile Sew In

This Particular sew in allows you to have the flexibility of a natural slay! This sew-in can be worn into a ponytail and down. This install has leave out around the perimeter of your hair and in your crown area. This sew-in is considered a high maintenance sew in and would not be ideal for someone who doesn’t like hair left out.
2 hours 40 mins

Shampoo & style (includes tightening)

Refresh and touch up sew in includes Shampoo & blow dry, Retighten and soft styling. Does not include hair cutting or any detailed styling.
1 hour 30 mins

Vixen Sew In

This sew-in gives you the most natural appearance. Your hair can be divided into several sections and be styled in several ways & no one would know it was a sew in! This is a very High maintenance sew in & does require a lot of leave out.
2 hours

Sew In Bob

This is a sew in that you would like to have cut specifically into a bob. This can have leave out or no leave out. For best results, leave out is advised for the most natural appearance.
2 hours

Quick Weave

Extensions/Hair is placed neatly onto 2 Hair caps very best protection. This gives you a very natural appearance and is low maintenance. Can be worn long, Short into a Bob, or curled up for a special occasion, it’s up to you.
1 hour 30 mins

Partial Sew in

This service for those who just desire extra fullness to their natural hair. Half of your head coverage only.
1 hour 30 mins

Sew in removal

Sew in removal includes the removal of extensions and braids, shampoo & basic conditioner. If hair is extremely matted there will be an additional charge per hour.
1 hour

Sew in with closure

This gives the natural appearance of a part! There is typically No hair left out with this sew in & is the BEST protective style. With this sew in you don’t have to worry about constantly flat ironing your leave out to blend with extensions.
2 hours

Just curled or Straightened -No shampoo

Shampoo and conditioner are not included in this service. This service is performed on clean and dry hair.
30 mins